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Your favorite television program

So this is another difficult post to write.  I am mildly addicted to television so I don’t know if I can pick a favorite T.V show.

I loved Pushing Daisies it was my absolute favorite show, but of course it was canceled after a couple of seasons.  It was a very sad day when I found this out.

I watch Fringe, Flash Forward, LOST, Modern Family, Top Chef, and 30 Rock religiously, every week.  And I will always watch Friends and Sex and the City whenever it is on.

But Pushing Daisies had the most adorable costumes, the best writing, and fast-paced talking/acting I have ever seen (aside from West Wing).  Anna Friel and Lee Pace’s chemistry and love affair was one of the cutest ever on screen. (Oh and I am head over heels in love with Lee Pace) The show was beyond brilliant and severely addicting and it will forever be missed.

Pushing Daises Cast

Chuck played by Anna Friel

Lee Pace's character Ned

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