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Look Who’s Smiling Now

Lily Allen has officially been added to the list.  The list of those musicians who don’t think that singing and performing is enough of a life fulfillment for them.

British Singer, Lily Allen

Allen has decided to leave music altogether.  In 2007 she launched a clothing line with British store, New Look, named, Lily Loves, and she and her sister have broken into the retail business with their own store called, Lucy in Disguise. The new store is a “rental fashion store” which Allen and her sister, Sarah, hope will make fashion more democratic and open to the masses.

But Ms. Allen isn’t stopping there.  After being the face of Chanel’s Coco Cocoon Collection, it seems she wants a bit more time in the fashion spot light.  She has teamed up with British network Channel 4 to make a fashion television series, though details about it are not available yet.

Lily Allen face of Chanel bag

Surprisingly enough I loved the Chanel ad, but then again it is hard not to love their ads.  I think Allen looks like a young Daphne Guinness (look her up if you don’t know who this incredible fashion icon is).  And the tiara, I think I will write to Mr. Lagerfeld himself to see if he could send it to me.


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