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Update: A Fashionable Hotel (Brothel?)

About a day after I wrote “A Fashionable Hotel” New York Magazine‘s fashion blog, The Cut, ran a post about the new hotel and about it’s clients as well.  Apparently, it is a model hotel.  Amy Odell writes, “Models, agencies, and designers get discounts on the 280 rooms, and the hotel doesn’t charge extra if agencies want to cram extra girls into a room. So they can theoretically put as many girls in one room as they want.”  And there is also champagne in the lobby, origami towels in the rooms, and reservations to the city’s most sought after restaurants.

What I previously thought was a harmless, chic idea is now being twisted into the “half-hooker economy” says Odell.  They are hypothesizing that quite a lot of men will pay to stay at this hotel over the Marriot ExecuStay or Hotel Pennsylvania right down the block, because they get to stare at scantily clad stick thin models in the elevator and tanning on the roof top.  I suppose this is a smart business idea though not a very original one, give a discount to the pretty girls and watch the rich men follow, clubs have been doing this for decades.

Now I feel a bit sleazy, dirty even, for thinking the newest addition to Chelsea was just a harmless hotel for fashion lovers and the like.

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Wedding Bells

Yes, we get it.  We really do.  You are models.  No, Super Models.  You are also beautiful, thin, talented, tall, famous and rich.  And now you both are getting married.  I am okay with all that.  What really puts me over the edge though is the fact that you have, arguably, two of the world’s greatest designers creating the dress of your dreams.

The fashion world is buzzing about the upcoming weddings, Lara Stone and Coco Rocha’s to be exact.  And to add to their wedding bliss, two designers have stepped up to the plate to design their dream dresses.

Riccardo Tisci, of Givenchy, is currently designing Dutch supermodel Stone’s dress to British comedian, David Walliams, while Zac Posen is designing Rocha’s to interior designer James Conran.  I can’t decide which of the girls is luckier.  Tisci’s ball gowns are extraordinary (see Zoe Saldana at the Oscars) but Posen is known for showing off women’s bodies like no other.  

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Coco’s Cola Ad

As we all know, or rather you now know, Coco Rocha is perhaps my favorite model, if not in the top three.  She looks absolutely adorable here in the Coca Cola advertisement taken by the great Karl Lagerfeld.  The bottle, also designed by him, needs to find its way into my hands very soon.  I love that she is the female version of the Lagerfeld uniform and it is just so perfect that it is Coca Cola Light both because Lagerfeld has lost a great deal of weight and because Rocha was under heavy scrutiny in the weeks leading up to Fashion Week regarding her weight as well.

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