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Right on Target

I am so so happy right now.  Mulberry (British handbag company) is doing an eight piece line for Target, coming out mid October!

Mulberry is one of my favorite design companies.  Their bags are so effortlessly chic it hurts.  The leathers they use are amazing and their designs do them justice.  However, they are expensive, but I am sure that goes without saying.  And this is why I am so happy they are collaborating with Target.  I have a feeling Mulberry won’t dull themselves down for the masses, and while the fabrics they use will have to be cheaper, Fashionista reported that they will use velvet and denim, as well as pleather.

Though I will pass on the denim bags, I will potentially buy all of the other ones.  I just wish they were making a wallet as well…that is what I really need.  Oh well, maybe next time.

But for now here are some of Mulberry’s best bags (yes, I know I am a little obsessed, but they make great bags so I need to show them off):

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