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My Weekends: Chelsea

Chelsea holds a dear place in my heart.  Not only is it the home of my school, FIT, it also has the most darling side streets, both my favorite French restaurant, La Grainne Cafe, and my favorite bakery, Billy’s Bakery, and of course Chelsea Market (though that may be Meatpacking technically).

apricot jam crepe from La Grainne Cafe, perfection

protection from windy 10th ave.

here comes the sun

lipstick all day, every day

dilapidated empire diner

one of my favorite bookstores

children's books

i love doors...

baby gated door next to the one above

i showed this same apartment building months ago. the red door draws me in. i need to live there.

how does this happen? what French maid is running around the city without their feather duster?

slider at popburger

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A Love Letter to Spring

I am one of those weird people who really like Fall and Winter.  Maybe it is because I was trying to be unconventional as a child, being different by not saying the Summer was my favorite season.  I love the layering and the rich colors.  Sweaters and heeled boots.

I am over it.  I need warmth and sun and to put my gloves in hibernation.  Spring is now my favorite season, I blame the clothes at Vogue for this.  The bright colors and floral prints have brainwashed me into crawling out of my black cashmere wardrobe and into oranges and pinks!

I got out of Vogue surprisingly early one beautiful March day and just had to go outside and enjoy the weather.  It is just my luck that the weather always turns colder/grayer/rainier on the weekends and I never get to bask in the glory of the weekday weather.  With my new black camera in tow, a trip to the roof of my building was very much in order, below are the pictures.

This is basically my ultimate Spring outfit.  Cozy sweater over a short dress or skirt and a pair of heels is absolutely the way to go.  The sweater I bought at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, the nightgown was my great grandmother’s, belt from Zara, clogs Jeffrey Campbell, and jewelry is mainly vintage.


The location:

The Clothes:

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The Tourist

Yesterday was my last day in New York City for about two weeks, and I decided to brave it uptown for a chance to see the windows.  I usually hate going to touristy places like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Herald Square, Union Square, etc. for fear of being trampled or eaten alive, or something of that nature.

But the Bergdorf Goodman windows were calling, no, beckoning me.  I had to see them before I left, those and the Barney’s windows on Madison Ave. are my favorites.

I had heard excellent things about Bergdorf’s windows and had seen images online, but nothing is like seeing the huge elaborate windows which took thousands of painstaking hours to make, in person.  I felt I owed it to the stores and the designers to make my way up there and fight the throngs of tourists clogging 5th and Madison Avenue.

It was completely worth it.  The Bergdorf windows were absolutely stunning.  They have an amazing ability to mix in the gorgeous clothes which were shown last February into these whimsical designs and creations and make a cohesive window which does not over power the clothing.  Even with moving parts, music, glitter, horses, telescopes and crocodiles with diamonds in their eyes, the clothes are still front and center, creating a deep desire to own them and live in this wonderful fantasy world as they do.

The Barney’s windows have a special place in my heart as well, because I am such a foodie and the store was wishing everyone a “Foodie Holiday”.  Because of that I loved the giant papier mache chefs in snuggies and Paula Deen with butter in her pockets, and Anthony Bourdain with a smug look on his tanned face.  The Illy window was extremely well done and could have easily looked like a Project Runway challenge gone awry, but with Simon Doonan leading the team of window dressers, it looked beautiful.

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Conflict Boots

I have a problem.  An internal conflict if you will.  I think that I am supposed to buy a pair of shoes.  The accessory gods are willing it, sending me messages everywhere I go.

I saw them in the Nordstrom catalog in July, instantly fell in love with them, saw the price, and cried myself to sleep.  They are Vera Wang and over $500.

So then when I am in Providence, RI one weekend I go to the mall head straight for the Nordstrom and lo and behold it is their Anniversary Sale and the boots are around $300.  I saw it as a sign that I was supposed to buy them, but the price tag was still too steep.

Yesterday I was in the new Nordstrom Rack in NYC and the boots were there.  In my size.  My size was the only one.  Fate?  They were $199.

I feel like I am being tested.  Do I wait to see if they will go down in price anymore?  Or does my next paycheck go to them?


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