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All Hallow’s Eve

I think it is a bit necessary for me to do a Halloween post.  I really love dressing up and being different characters, so you would think I love Halloween, and I do, but I often find it extremely stressful trying to pick out a costume.  It needs to be creative, cute, not too trashy but also not too conservative, but above all, fashionable.

So this year instead of worrying about what I was going to wear on the multiple nights of the weekend, I decided to pick about an hour before I was due to get ready.  Apparently I thought that being impulsive would yield a better costume than years past, and I think it did.

The funny thing is I didn’t have to buy anything for either of my costumes, these were things just hanging in my closet and folded neatly in my drawers that I managed to pull together to get the desired effect.

One boy was quite surprised to find out that I didn’t buy any of the pieces to my mouse costume.  He thought the bow on top of my head was most outrageous.  But I found it at the RISD alumni art sale last year, and have obviously managed to put it to good use.

So Friday night I decided to be a hippie flower child of the 1960’s complete with a painted face.

And Saturday night I was a mouse with a darling red nose.  Though I was meowed at on the street and I had to promptly tell the man that I was indeed a mouse, most people seemed to think I was a cat.

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RISD Here I Come

First of all, don’t worry I will complete my Day.3 challenge because I know you are just dying to see what my favorite television show is but today I am going to the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Alumni Art Sale, which I attend annually.

I am usually able to come home both inspired and with lovely little presents.  Today will hopefully be the same.

They have everything there from fine jewelry to huge bow headbands, from cute little prints to large hand blown glass bowls and of course, they have Belgian french fries with a huge quantity of toppings.

Last year I did end up buying a large black bow (see picture below) and it has obviously come in handy.

My Large Black Bow from RISD

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