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Oh the Holidays

I finally took the time this afternoon to upload all of my pictures from the past month or so. ¬†Below you will find some of my favorite things in Provincetown, where I spend my summers and Thanksgivings, numerous pictures of food (typical), holiday ornaments, my New Year’s Eve outfit, and some other wonderfully random pictures I for some reason or another felt were worthwhile to post.


One of my favorite buildings, Provincetown

Love this font

Amazing letters in a fab boutique in Ptown


Martha Stewart worthy Christmas cookies

With whipped cream

And without













Pumpkin, Cheese Cake (w/strawberry topping), Lemon Meringue

Feast of Seven Fishes

The morning after

New Years Eve

Great Grandmother's fur, Alexander McQueen scarf, H&M lace shirt, Urban Outfitters high-waisted black jeans

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Beachy Holiday

Every year my family and I trek up to our Cape Cod house for Thanksgiving. So between the obligatory pie and turkey and starch we venture down to the beach. With me and my vintage Pendleton sweater we usually play football or have photo shoots (aunt and uncle are photographers). Besides we have to burn off breakfast before the 6 pies we will be having for dessert in a few hours.


November 25, 2010 · 5:34 pm