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The Aviator

This is one of the vintage dresses my Grandfather bought me for Christmas.  It is a very short brown leather dress with aviator like clasps up the front.  The second I saw it I fell in love, being that I have both a thing for leather and the 1960’s.  The white sweater tights are from Urban Outfitters and are super cozy, I have a feeling they will be featured quite a bit in my winter outings.


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Oh the Holidays

I finally took the time this afternoon to upload all of my pictures from the past month or so.  Below you will find some of my favorite things in Provincetown, where I spend my summers and Thanksgivings, numerous pictures of food (typical), holiday ornaments, my New Year’s Eve outfit, and some other wonderfully random pictures I for some reason or another felt were worthwhile to post.


One of my favorite buildings, Provincetown

Love this font

Amazing letters in a fab boutique in Ptown


Martha Stewart worthy Christmas cookies

With whipped cream

And without













Pumpkin, Cheese Cake (w/strawberry topping), Lemon Meringue

Feast of Seven Fishes

The morning after

New Years Eve

Great Grandmother's fur, Alexander McQueen scarf, H&M lace shirt, Urban Outfitters high-waisted black jeans

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Vogue Day 1 Ensemble

Basically everything I am wearing is Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie (I get a great discount…) and the boots were from this random shoe store on 7th Ave.

I swear I am going to have an anxiety attack trying to figure out my outfit everyday…


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Saving Grace

Last week I decided to let my hair down.  I have been getting headaches (as was expected) from my super tight ballerina buns and I wanted to show off my new color as well. 

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Providence for the day and take a mini shopping trip.  I assumed I would be in air conditioning the entire time and just put a little Bumble and Bumble in my hair and went on my way. 

This was not the case.  We thought it would be fun to walk around near Brown and visit the Urban Outfitters and vintage stores in the area, and yes hopefully see the elusive Emma Watson.   It is was so humid out I wanted to cry.  My hair which looked perfectly lovely in the car turned into a poof.  A huge red poof.

By the time we got to the mall it was bad, just bad.  I will not complain about the weather or the temperature or if my feet hurt, but I will complain about my hair.

So as I am whining away about how I will have to walk around all day with silly poofy hair and I won’t like anything I try on because of it my boyfriend says something I never could have expected.

“At least now you will look like Grace Coddington!”

I’m not sure if I should be proud that he knows who she is, and sadly used her name in the correct way.  Or if I should be insulted…

Either way, I love Grace Coddington, and I really should be honored to spoken in the same sentence with her.

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The Search for the Last Pair of Cut Offs

I have been looking for high-rise cut off jean shorts for about four months now.  And still my closet is lacking one pair.

I have visited four vintage stores, three different H &M’s, three Forever 21’s, and countless other stores.

Apparently they are very hard to find, which surprises me because they are so popular.  I have been to my mall three times in the past two weeks and there was only one pair, which was about six sizes too big but I tried them on just to make sure.  They almost fell off of me.

I have so many outfits planned in my head to wear with these jean shorts and I know that I am going to find them at the end of August when summer is coming to an end.

But then today, I got an email from “Who, What, Wear”, a great fashion blog, and they featured a pair of high rise cut off jean shorts, of course they were Citizen’s of Humanity and $150, but they did have a link to a cheaper pair.

A pair of Urban Renewal ones, for $28.  I don’t love all of the rips, but at this stage, I’m not going to complain.  So I was thinking that the closest Urban Outfitters to me is 45 minutes away, but these shorts might warrant a trip.

And then I received an email from Urban Outfitters, saying free shipping on the summer stock.

Email has saved my life.  Well at least the life of my wardrobe.

Urban Renewal Cut Offs

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A photo of you taken recently

This was taken a few weeks ago.  It is an H&M blue sequined vest, Urban Outfitters black sequined bandeau and an H&M black high-waisted skirt with tights.

I wear red lipstick pretty much everyday, I suppose you could say it is my signature, and I have a recent obsession with high buns thanks to all of the runway shows this season featuring them.

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