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Your New Friend, Ed

*Disclaimer, I am doing this post because I strongly believe in Ed2010 and shamelessly promoting it, not to show off winning their trustfund (though I am obviously happy about that).

Ed2010 is an aspiring magazine editors best friend.  It is more than a club, it is a way of connecting with the magazine and fashion industry in a way I never thought was possible.  As well as the city chapters (and the main group of course) there are also on campus chapters at schools across the country.  My freshman year at FIT also happened to be the first year Ed2010@FIT was in existence (the four club officers who started it at FIT all have assistant jobs at well respected magazines now).

I was Secretary of FIT’s chapter of Ed2010 for a year and then this Fall semester I stepped up and became President.  The club meets on Tuesdays at FIT and we often have amazing guest speakers from magazines like ELLE, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Real Simple, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Time.  Most of the club members have internships at the best fashion magazines in the country (Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc.) and we are all great at sharing internship tips and advice, and of course contact information.

People are always asking me how I got my internship at Vogue, and though the question really bothers me I simply say two things, Ed2010 and hard work.  I found out about four of my five internships from their constantly updated internship list.  Through my connections in the Ed2010 club I was able to get my ELLE internship which I really feel paved the way for all of my future ones.

Ed2010 also has this amazing “Trustfund” which unpaid interns in the city can apply for and get the chance to win $1,000 just for working hard and writing a fabulous essay, of course.  I found out about a month ago that I was this semester’s winner, and was elated (though maybe not as much as my parents were).  I have squeezed 16 credits into two days, intern at Vogue three days, and I work at Anthropologie on the weekends (shopping money) so getting appreciated for my time and effort is very flattering and really makes me strive to do my best work.

(Also, I was interviewed for the website which you can check out here.)

So everyone please visit the website if you are interested in magazines whether it be editing, styling, writing, or design it will definitely be worth your while.  And if you attend FIT come to one of our meetings: Tuesdays 1-2 pm room A336.

PS: We are having an Assistant Editors Panel Monday April 11 from 6-7:30 pm in room D523.  Check out the poster made by the lovely Nia of Live Glam or Die (our Publicity Officer) for more information.


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To me, this is Lady Gaga’s finest moment.  Her Vanity Fair cover shoot video is beyond fabulous.  It is Where the Wild Things Are meets couture, with a heavy serving of the color gray and a dash of sexuality.  I’m not Gaga’s biggest fan, but I do appreciate who she is and what she represents.  I love that she takes huge risks and isn’t scared of wearing a leotard in public.  She seems to genuinely love fashion and creativity, therefore I like her.

The video itself is really cool, to put it simply.  I like behind the scenes videos, especially those which show how beautiful images in magazines come to be.

Here is the video:


And an image of the final cover shot:

I actually really like it.  I love this glam hippy vibe and all the gray! (One of my favorite shades)  Gaga can really pull off this purpley-gray hair which is suddenly completely high fashion.  And she is naked without being trashy.  It totally works, and if this were anyone else, it would look too contrived, with Lady Gaga it looks so natural.

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Interview with a Vampire

In honor of the premiere of Eclipse I am doing my one and only vampire post.  I read all the books and have see the movies, but I am not a Twilight fanatic (I much prefer Harry Potter).  However, when I saw the Vanity Fair photo shoot with the women of Twilight, I couldn’t resist.  The pictures were just so, yummy.

I love the old Hollywood glamor and the red!  So red.  Blood red.  I realize that is the point, but it is done in a tasteful elegant way.  The hair and make up is stunning, the gowns are beyond gorgeous and Dakota Fanning is so grown up!  But I guess when Annie Leibovitz is the photographer this is what you get.

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World Cup Unmentionables

So I decided to jump on the whole World Cup bandwagon.  I actually really like soccer (football, whatever) the players are highly attractive and are in amazing shape, and yes the sport is fast paced and fun to watch.  I watched the World Cup in Germany four years ago for the first time and loved it, and I try to watch it as much as I can this year.

To my delight, Vanity Fair has the same interest as me, the players.  And they also have the humor I value in a magazine.

Below are images from the photo shoot the magazine did featuring players from different countries, wearing only their underwear.  It is Calvin Klein meets United Colors of Benetton done in a tasteful, funny way.  The styling is great because they are in stages of undressing, which I think is very smart.  It makes it more tasteful and candid, rather than sexy.

The player on the left's face is priceless.

Please tell me where to get the Burberry boxers.

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Educate Me

Movie Poster

I finally saw the movie An Education last night and fell in love with it, but that was inevitable.  The story (a memoir) was great, the acting (especially Carey Mulligan) was wonderful, and the costumes were to die for.  Every scene I found my self wanting each and every one of the lovely dresses and boxy jackets.

And I am not the only one who feels this way, both Vanity Fair and Vogue thought the costumes were exceptional.  They were the epitome of the 1960’s done in a way that didn’t look costumey, but instead perfectly natural.

Sometimes I think that I was supposed to be born in 1945, so that I would be 15-25 during the 60’s and able to wear all of the gorgeous clothes.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the movie, enjoy Mulligan in all of her adorableness.

Actual costumes from the movie.

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Long Live McQueen

I just found out some very upsetting news.  Lee “Alexander” McQueen’s autopsy has just been released by the coroner.

McQueen was by far one of my favorite designers.  He was beyond brilliant, and will, of course, forever be missed.  I was devastated when I found out about his death, and then later even more so when I found out it was by suicide.  But the coroners report just makes everything that much worse.  According to Vanity Fair, among other valid news sources, the coroner stated that high doses of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquilizers were found in McQueen’s body.  After taking those he then hung himself, a form of suicide where one doesn’t come back.  It is a near certain death.

Nearly everyone in the fashion industry proclaimed McQueen’s genius and I find it so upsetting that he couldn’t see that himself.  I hate that he had to turn to drugs and pills to keep his demons at bay.  I realize the shock of losing his mother on top of the loss of one of his best friends, Isabella Blow, was a great deal to handle but he should have pushed through and kept their honor and memory alive.

I really wish he could have seen how much everyone really loved him and that he didn’t resort to such drastic measures.

Below are pictures are took at McQueen’s memorial outside of his store in the Meatpacking District in NYC.


This is a picture of the small feather I placed under a candle at his memorial in honor of his Spring 2008 collection.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I should bring to his memorial.  I knew that I wanted it to be quirky but meaningful and since my favorite collection of his was Spring 2008 in honor of Isabella Blow I brought a bright yellow feather.  This collection of his centered around feathers, both their colors and textures.  Below are some images from this beautiful collection.

Finale Dress


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