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Rain Rain Go Away

My favorite Marc Jacobs umbrella broke today during my mile walk to school this morning.  Great start to the week if you ask me.

A moment of silence for her.  She was so young and had such a promising life ahead of her.  Thankfully my purse was Louis Vuitton (virtually waterproof) and I had on a long black wool riding coat to shield me from the rain (hail? freezing ice?) that came pelting down on me for close to 20 minutes.

However this adventure did make me remember this Tommy Ton photograph of the Vogue Nippon team trying to escape the rain during fashion week.  I only wish I looked as elegant as they do, in their single file line and fur jackets.

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Crowning Glory

It took me close to an hour today to find a new background for the desktop of my MacBook.  It is a huge life decision, I spend so much of my time on the computer, staring at the image in between writing blog posts, doing homework and catching up on Mad Men.

I prefer horizontal images, so magazine editorials usually work the best, but occasionally I will fall in love with a portrait style image and I have to tile it, so it isn’t awkwardly stretched.  I settled for this image of Lily Cole (I often rotate between her and Kate Moss):

I love this picture of her from Vogue UK, but I wasn’t convinced it made the best background so after a few hours I switched it to another image of her, also in a crown (this time from Vogue Nippon).

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