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Pixie Perfect

Though I usually prefer models on the cover of magazines, Emma Watson gracing December’s issue of British Vogue is completely fine with me and I kind of love it.

She looks like a modern Twiggy with her cropped hair and big doe eyes.  I won’t even mind paying $10 for this issue of the magazine, Emma Watson takes beautiful pictures and I have a feeling her editorial in the magazine will go above and beyond.

I feel like she, and Carey Mulligan on the cover of American Vogue, are still pressuring me into cutting my hair like theirs, but I don’t know if I could pull it off as amazingly as they do.

And here is Carey Mulligan’s cover story for October’s Vogue styled by Grace Coddington:

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Crowning Glory

It took me close to an hour today to find a new background for the desktop of my MacBook.  It is a huge life decision, I spend so much of my time on the computer, staring at the image in between writing blog posts, doing homework and catching up on Mad Men.

I prefer horizontal images, so magazine editorials usually work the best, but occasionally I will fall in love with a portrait style image and I have to tile it, so it isn’t awkwardly stretched.  I settled for this image of Lily Cole (I often rotate between her and Kate Moss):

I love this picture of her from Vogue UK, but I wasn’t convinced it made the best background so after a few hours I switched it to another image of her, also in a crown (this time from Vogue Nippon).

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